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Find out how our software support service brings benefits to your production and logistics operation.

You already know that the Roto Group can provide you with hardware and weather seals to meet your manufacturing needs. To work effectively and efficiently however, you need a supply of something else too: accurate data.

This is where Roto’s software support service comes in. We spoke to Fred van den Broek, Roto Western Europe’s Data Services expert, to find out more.


“Hi Fred, what data do Roto customers require and how do you go about
supplying it?”

When fabricators get an order for a set of windows, they need to know exactly what hardware components are required and the quantities. They will also need machine data for manufacturing along with CAD drawings.

We can provide all these things together using one common application, Roto Con Orders. As well as specification and ordering by the client, we also use it for data transfer so that we can export the data and drawings each customer requires.

“What if a manufacturer is already using their own window configuration software?”

In this case, we can ask our technicians to look at making a customer-specific solution, so that the data from the central Roto Con database can be imported into the client’s software package. We already have interfaces that work with some of the most popular applications on the market. If anyone wants to check that we support their software application, they just need to ask.

“How would a fabricator go about arranging this?”

The first step is for the fabricator to get in touch with us via their local Roto representative. We will then set up a consultation and establish the fitting configurations for which software support is required.

“Will this be done using standard software?”

Most of the time that will be the case, because our standard software package is designed to meet the needs of most fabricators. Sometimes though, the customer requirement might be a bit more complex. This is not a problem because we can also supply a bespoke solution. It will usually take a bit longer, but we will agree timescales with the client before starting.

“If bespoke software is needed, is this created in collaboration with the distribution partner?”

Yes, the distribution partners will also be using Roto Con Orders. We will carry out an audit to check the fitting configurations on the systems of both the distribution partner and the fabricator to be sure that the correct specification is being produced.
Once we know the fabricator is getting accurate specifications in line with their requirements, we can then provide software support so they can import the data they require.

“Which window types are covered by this service?”

We can cover all Tilt&Turn windows, including Tilt-First operation, plus Tilt-Only, Turn-Only and double sash configurations. This is for both visible and concealed hinges, and for all specified sizes and sash weights up to 150 kg.

“What types of data are available for import?”

First there is all the information about the fittings, with information such as height ranges, handle position etc. There is data about each hardware article, with descriptions, lengths, number of screws required etc.

Then there is operation information, for example the positioning of components and the calculations for parts that need to be cut to length. There is also machine programming information, price details.

The exact scope of the data we can export depends on the customer’s software, but we can usually export a lot of information to help the client’s manufacturing process.

Are you taking full advantage of the software support service from Roto?
If not, please get in touch with your Roto representative.

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